Published: 2015-01-23

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INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science

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INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science


INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science

Feature Extraction and Fusion for Automatic Target Recognition Based ISAR Images

Saidi Mohamed Nabil, Toumi Abdelmalek, Khenchaf Ali, Aobutajdine Driss, Hoeltzener Brigitte


Reducing Structural Complexity of Software by Data Streams

Ján Kollár, L’Ubomír Wassermann, Valentino Vranic, Michal Vagac


On the Hyperbox – Hyperplane Intersection Problem

Carlos Lara, Juan J. Flores, Felix Calderon


Feature Selection For Genomic Data By Combining Filter And Wrapper Approaches

Ali El Akadi, Aouatif Amine, Abdeljalil El Ouardighi, Driss Aboutajdine


Conceptual Level Design of Object Oriented Data Warehouse: Graph Semantic Based Model

Anirban Sarkar, Sankhayan Choudhury, Nabendu Chaki, Swapan Bhattacharya


A Survey on Distributed Visualization Techniques over Clusters of Personal Computers

José Fernando Rodrigues Jr., André R. Balan, Luciana Zaina, Agma J. M. Traina