Published: 2014-12-06

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INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science

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INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science


INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science

OntoReST: A RST-based Ontology for Enhancing Documents Content Quality in Collaborative Writing

Hala Naja-Jazzar, Nishadi de Silva, Hala Skaf-Molli, Charbel Rahhal, Pascal Molli


Hierarchical Clustering for Identifying Crosscutting Concerns in Object Oriented Software Systems

Istvan Gergely Czibula, Gabriela Czibula, Grigoreta Sofia Cojocar


Steerable Pyramids Feature Based Classification Using Fisher Linear Discriminant for Face Recognition

El Aroussi Mohamed, El Hassouni Mohammed, Ghouzali Sanaa, Rzizza Mohammed, Aboutajdine Driss


A Representation Model of Design Rationale for the Design of ERP System

Sandra Kawamoto, Jorge Rady de Almeida Junior