Published: 2014-12-06

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INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science

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INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science


INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science

OntoReST: A RST-based Ontology for Enhancing Documents Content Quality in Collaborative Writing

Hala Naja-Jazzar, Nishadi de Silva, Hala Skaf-Molli, Charbel Rahhal, Pascal Molli


Hierarchical Clustering for Identifying Crosscutting Concerns in Object Oriented Software Systems

Istvan Gergely Czibula, Gabriela Czibula, Grigoreta Sofia Cojocar


Steerable Pyramids Feature Based Classiï¬cation Using Fisher Linear Discriminant for Face Recognition

El Aroussi Mohamed, El Hassouni Mohammed, Ghouzali Sanaa, Rzizza Mohammed, Aboutajdine Driss


A Representation Model of Design Rationale for the Design of ERP System

Sandra Kawamoto, Jorge Rady de Almeida Junior