Spectra-based sentiment analysis

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José Roberto Amazonas
Alexexandre Barbosa de Lima
Marcos Roberto Pereira Barretto


This paper introduces a method to identify the emotions conveyed by voice signals based on spectral analysis. The adopted tool is the periodogram associated to the measurement of the cumulative energy. It is shown that the variation of the emotional state produces a shift of the spectrum that can be taken as a emotional blueprint of the speaker and can be used to track his/her mood along the time.

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Amazonas, J. R., de Lima, A. B., & Pereira Barretto, M. R. (2018). Spectra-based sentiment analysis. INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science, 17(2), 01–06. Retrieved from https://infocomp.dcc.ufla.br/index.php/infocomp/article/view/571