Application and impact of 5G networks in industrial environments

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Alexandre Ladeira de Sousa


5G figures today as one of the newest technologies that promises to further accelerate the
information flow on the network. Its application is not limited to mobile telephony, but has also been
adding value in the most diverse segments such as industry, medicine, agribusiness, logistics and even
in war environments. Its most diverse possibilities also bring with it some prerequisites for installation,
as well as development needs in the area of information security to guarantee the sustainability of its
operation. Applied to industrial environments, 5G is able to bring benefits in the safety of people and
equipment, optimization of workflows, prediction of failures in production chains, among other possibilities. This article sets out to understand, through a systematic mapping of the literature, the facts that
preceded its creation, the minimum requirements for its operation, as well as the impacts and demands
on the industrial environment with its application in production chains in general.

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