A Learning oriented DLP System based on Classification Model

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kishu gupta
Ashwani Kush


Data is the key asset for organizations and data sharing is lifeline for organization growth; which may lead to data loss. Data leakage is the most critical issue being faced by organizations. In order to mitigate the data leakage issues data leakage prevention systems (DLPSs) are deployed at various levels by the organizations. DLPSs are capable to protect all kind of data i.e. DAR, DIM/DIT, DIU. Statistical analysis, regular expression, data fingerprinting are common approaches exercised in DLP system. Out of these techniques; statistical analysis approach is most appropriate for proposed DLP model of data security.

This paper defines a statistical DLP model for document classification. Model uses various statistical approaches like TF-IDF (Term Frequency- Inverse Document Frequency) a renowned term count/weighing function, Vectorization, Gradient boosting document classification etc. to classify the documents before allowing any access to it. Machine learning is used to test and train the model. Proposed model also introduces an extremely efficient and more accurate approach; IGBCA (Improvised Gradient Boosting Classification Algorithm); for document classification, to prevent them from possible data leakage. Results depicts that proposed model can classify documents with high accuracy and on basis of which data can be prevented from being loss.

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