Learners General Quality Attributes within Courseware Design

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Aiman Turani
Faiz Al-Shrouf
Mohd Eshtay


here is a real need in the higher education sector to define and develop Learners General Quality Attributes (LGQA) that students should attain prior to their degree completion. These LGQA should be embedded within courseware design in a way to assure their effectiveness. Attaining these attributes by students is a crucial in the organizational environment and might be at the same level of importance as attaining degree’s specific knowledge. It is common to read in a job advertisement terms such as, “a candidate need to have a great communication skills”, “we are looking for a team player”, “has creative thinking skills”, etc

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Turani, A., Al-Shrouf, F., & Eshtay, M. (2009). Learners General Quality Attributes within Courseware Design. INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science, 8(2), 90-94. Retrieved from http://infocomp.dcc.ufla.br/index.php/infocomp/article/view/264